Is Michigan Tomato season coming to an end?

Just in case, we have been preserving all the amazing Michigan tomato goodness possible for our Sweet and Spicy tomato and Kat-Chup™.  As crazy as it sounds, i have personally picked every single tomato that we have processed this week.  Long days in the kitchen and long days in the field, but I know it is all worth it.  I trust that you will all taste the difference in every jar. (That is what I am telling myself anyway!)  But honestly there is something truly special about my afternoons here on the farm and the ability to connect with nature.  It has been very therapeutic for me.  You may not know that I own the original family farm that I grew up on.  Farming this land is a gift that I am grateful for every day.  I grew up picking and preserving tomatoes here and now I get to share the fruits of my labor with all of you.  Truly Blessed.  BTW - If you haven't tried our Sweet and Spicy Tomato Preserves with your morning scrambled eggs, you are missing out!  Kat

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