May I have your attention please?.......

Oh May, you always know how to get our full attention, don't you?  As a farmer, May is the Golden Month in my humble opinion.  If you don't have at least most of your plants started by the end of May, it's going to be a rough summer, LOL. 

Growing up on this little farm in Michigan taught me a lot of things that have helped me in this trip around the sun.  The biggest??  How do we do things with Grace?  It isn't how we fall down that matters, it's how we get back up.  If you really know me, you have seen me stumble, trip and fall more than once in this lifetime - LOL.  My mother and father taught me though, it isn't the fall that matters, it's the recovery!!!  Get your ass back up and get on that horse, AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.  Otherwise, the fear sets in.  Who saw you, what did they think, are they "judging" you, you get my drift.  Luckily, I was born to two people that didn't have rear view mirrors and taught me the same. 

This Kat only has one gear, and it is forward.  (Lots of speeds in there, but learning now that I operate best in 2nd gear, not always 5th. :)   I have stumbled, I have had more challenges than most could endure, and when I really, really fall hard, I do my best to get back up and to do it with Grace.  Join me, won't you.  All it takes is a bit of self love, forgiveness of yourself and everyone around you for doing the best that they can at the moment, and a BOATLOAD of empathy.  Put yourself in someone else's shoes today.  If you are luckly, like me, they will be a size 8. 

PS:  A few things I know for sure:
a) Ex-Addicts drink A LOT of coffee, always have a pot on hand. Credit to Scott and Tammy for teaching me to use my giant percolators, seriously, 300 cups is sometimes not enough....
b) A dry year could worry you to death, but a wet year could starve you to death.  IE, you can put water on, but you can't take it off.  Credit to Cork Iott, best Dad I know and Farmer extraordinaire.  .  
c) All you need is love,  Too many humans to credit here, so let's go with...Your Devine Creator?????  However you choose to interpret that???  I am at a loss these days for how to say in all capital letters that I think everyone should believe whatever the heck they want to believe and leave it at that.  Back to Love one another today please.  It's the only day we have in front of us.  Aunt Katrina

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