Weathering the Storm

If there is one thing that my Mom taught me, it is definitely how to weather a storm!  In farming, the one thing you cannot control is Mother Nature.  You may have heard some farmers go on about "too much rain", or "not enough rain".  "It was just way too hot", to "this damn cold spell".  You know the ones, right?  But if you have ever noticed, I really don't like to talk about it. I don't plan my day by the weather forecast.

I know one thing for sure.  I cannot control the weather! Yes, I have been called a force of nature, but no, I don't have wind and gravity concurred just yet. ;)  I just plan accordingly and do my best.  I can be prepared, have contingency plans, etc. but I certainly don't ever let it worry or bother me in the least.  It is out of my hands. 

I try to take this same concept into the rest of my life and I think it has served me well.  You weather the storm, and then when it is over, pick up the branches and start to rebuild.  If it is a "Katrina" size storm, sometimes it can take a bit longer...sorry NOLA!

Detroit got hit hard this past Saturday with flooding that has left many families still without power and water.  Keep them all in your hearts and minds as we move into the week.  

PS - Just checking to see if anyone ever gets to the bottom of these!  Did you know that all my company's logos are based on this photo taken of me at a MS Dinner of Champions?  We were honoring Jim Hoffman of Key Bank in 2013 or 2014.  Hit me up with a text to say you read this and I will save you a basket of tomatoes in August for the best tomato sandwich of your life.  Thx for listening!  Kat   

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