Aunt Katrina's Kat-Chup

Aunt Katrina's Kat-Chup

Beau Bien Fine Foods
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Aunt Katrina is producing her first Tomato product right here at Beau Bien!  This delicious, all natural ketchup alternative is sure to become one of your favorite condiments.

Tasting notes: A savory roasted tomato sauce with a hint of clove and garlic.

Pairings: Hash browns, roasted potatoes, eggs, tacos, meatloaf, shrimp cocktail.

Ingredients: Michigan tomatoes, onions, peppers, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Brown Sugar, High 5 Tickled Pink Salt, Garlic, Clove

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stacy Birdsall
The BEST!!!

This is the BEST kat-chup EVER!! Has such amazing flavor and wholesome ingredients AND is a compliment to SO many foods! I cannot get enough of this yummy goodness ❤

Best Ketchup to this date

Yes the consistency is not your typical ketchup consistency and that is for obvious reasons. They don’t use corn syrup or any other fake ingredients. It tastes fresh full and it’s very well balanced. Finally a ketchup that has tomatoes as first ingredient rather than corn syrup. This is a very good and tasty product. So thank you Katrina and Beau Bien for you very hard and amazing work!

Great condiment

Very good taste to it! Adds more flavor without having to add a bunch of spices! Love that is it grown and sourced locally as well!

Diana Bogosian
Great Taste

Not your average “Ketchup”. Adds much more taste to your food and I highly recommend.

Amy Hutchinson
Katrina's Kat-Chup

I was excited to find a locally made ketchup. It was ok, but I did not care for the consistency and found it to be too expensive for my budget.